Architectural Association School of Architecture

AA School: Reimagining the city

What if we could peel away layers familiarity and were compelled to experience the city anew in all its vibrancy? Created as a visiting student at the Architectural Association School in London, this project of imagines a prototypical, fictionalized urban retreat.

A perforated and layered corridor snakes through the city, highlighting the unexpected in moments of visual clarity and physical proximity.  It forces us to re-examine our jaded senses, and constantly celebrate the city anew.  It is a retreat from dull routine.


Ten prototypical moments frame new perspectives and transcend the mundane. They form the backbone of the architectural plan, moving from full transparency to nearly full obstruction of the city.


This transparent-to-obstructed progression is condensed into several hierarchical elements with varied levels of perforation.  Dark gray areas of the unfolded plan for the corridor are the least perforated.  Light blue are the most perforated.

I highlight three moments for further exploration and development.


Axonometric drawings show that physical links to the city occur in tandem with visual ones.  Moments of obstruction are achieved through a combination of spatial compression and optical interference.


Realized in three dimensions, the space glows with shifting shafts of light.