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Khamir Digital Exhibitions

Khamir: Bringing cultural research online for the first time

Product: Branding, Web Design
Role: Branding, UX & Visual Design

I moved to India as a Clinton Fellow with the purpose of helping Khamir, a rural nonprofit improve their digital presence. I was challenged to apply my knowledge of branding and UX design to a local organization that is far less funded than my former clients.

A core part of Khamir’s work is handicrafts research in the region of Kutch. Yet most of this primary research is not readily accessible, even in print. None of it is online where it could be of value to a broad audience of designers, anthropologists, students, and tourists.

So for the first time at Khamir, I put all the research from the past five years online, in a digitally native format. The final sites showcase the incredible artwork of the region in a highly visual and easily navigable way. In 6 months, the sites gained thousands of unique visitors and pageviews - far greater than the number of people who could have viewed the physical exhibition space in person.

Leather-working research exhibition site:

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Dyeing research exhibition site:


Pottery research exhibition site:


Block printing research exhibition site:


Ply-split weaving research exhibition site: