UNICEF: Innovation for every child

Product: Website Re-design
Role: Product Manager, Design strategy
Created at Hyperakt

Each year, UNICEF publishes a flagship report called The State of the World's Children. In 2015, the report centered on innovation, and was going digital for the first time. How might UNICEF better reach a global audience through a uniquely digital experience?

Featuring an institutional report, over 40 essays from child and expert innovators, and a map inviting the public to submit innovations, a clear content strategy was key. Through user research methods like card sorting, I led with a team of designers at Hyperakt and UNICEF to develop a clear taxonomy and consistent information architecture for the site that facilitated clear navigation. Published in three languages, the digital report exceeded all expectations for unique visitors and pageviews. The interactive map has garnered hundreds of submissions from across the world to date.